I am like straight out obsessed with Soul Eater, and more specifically Stein. You should be able to tell that from what I post, as most of it will center around him. But I mean can you really blame me? By the way, you can ask me anything and talk to me about anything, I don't bite too hard!

19th January 2013

Photoset with 16 notes

These are pictures of what I have on my bulletin board. There are printed pictures and my best drawings. The other drawings were either ripped up or in a folder underneath my desk. (Yes, I will even rip them up if I have worked 3 hours straight on it. I am a perfectionist. That is the main reason why I can’t draw without referencing something) I know you have seen some of these before, but bear with me. And sorry about the quality of the pictures, I took them on my iPod. What a pretty board. :)

P.S. They look better in person!

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